Remember that there’s only one summer every year, so spend it wisely.

Stop complaining that it is boring or whatever. Do something new. Find a summer hobby, after all life is what we make it.

Stop boring yourself. Go out there, enjoy the sun and have fun! Life is too short, don’t bore yourself! :)


Family Day 2014

Today, we’re celebrating my sister’s annual school family day and finally we’ve got the chance to spend time together, since we’ve been busy in the past week. Hello to our family selfieeeeee.


Also, I had a chance to take ootd photos. Yipee! After a long time!



So… see you next post!


― Jon KrakauerInto the Wild

Don’t Forget


Old photo from my pre-birthday celebration. Regardless of how haggard I look, I still included this photo in this post because I look so happy in this pic. Hehe.  TTuTT


Even if I know that exams are coming… there’s one thing I don’t forget: to be happy even if I lack sleep, even if I’m too tired and coffee’s the only thing that keeps me running through these busy nights. I know that God will reward me for all these hard work. So, if you are very tired at this moment, don’t forget to be happy & don’t forget that you are blessed. Don’t forget! :)